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We accept the follow file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator Files (version CS or older)
    - Outline all fonts
    - Embed or include all art files
  • Adobe Photoshop Files (version CS or older)
    - Acceptable file formats are PSD, EPS, and TIF
    - Minimum Resolution of 300 dpi
  • Adobe InDesign Files (version CS or older)
    - Outline all Fonts
    - Use Create Package under the File menu to include all art files.
  • QuarkXPress Files (version 4 or older)
    - Use Collect for Output feature under the File Menu to collect all font and art files. Stay away from using menu styles on your fonts to print bold, italic, or any other menu style.


This is a special thanks to you and everyone that worked on our CD project last week. The CD’s looked great and you got them to us in the very short time frame you were given. Huge thanks to all of you at dhg Duplication.

Paula – Des Moines, IA

"For Years we were mailing VHS tapes to our customers , then dhg Duplication showed us a DVD mailer could be more cost effective. They came up with a unique pocket mailer that looks great and the savings in our mailing costs have been amazing! Needless to say, now I have dhg Duplication evaluate all of our duplication jobs."

Mike– Ida Groove, IA

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